1.13 News

After talking with Mike (Digressive), we are waiting for Spigot and everything we use to update to 1.13. Meanwhile, he will be doing some tests with what has been released, but that won’t affect us. Stay tuned for further information. Thanks!

Creative Challenge Show Off Show is Tonight!

Hey all! Tonight we show off our builds! The show is called FridayCon, hosted by Erika, which starts at 5pm Pacific on Twitch.tv/GeekandSundry. The Minecraft segment will probably start around 8pm, but if you plan to be around and can get on earlier, that would be helpful. Watch this space for any updates on the start time. It should be a good show so please watch and come on to the server when it’s time! Thank you for your participation in this challenge!



We have a new and very short challenge! We are making G&S Land, but we have to be done by NEXT FRIDAY! (July 27) I’d like to represent every show, in-joke, and crazy event! Go to the Brown floored portal at the back of spawn and claim a plot to start building!
Remember, this is like a Disneyland Land for Geek & Sundry. I’ve copied over some builds already, but we need more builds and more builders. Want to make the Asinine Wisdom sheet? Want to make a Critical Role tribute? How about a big cabbage for Brian? Bizarre States! Gather Your Party! Because Science! Game Engine! Lore Masters! Come on in and build! We need you! But we need it done by Friday July 27! Thanks!